JCBSRNK - A Blog from the CMYK Community

Jake Frank is a Worship Leader at CMYK, a voice in our community, and just an all around great guy. We're excited that he's chosen to share his writings with us.

"I came of age at a time when the word “blog” was invented, circa 1998. The early to mid -2000 internet culture was ripe with fields of blogs ranging from the 15-year-old’s angst to the 50-year-old’s way to make money. Blogging, of course, is not in fashion now, but I’m still pursuing it. If anything, I’m settling into it in an “old man waves stick at the youths on his lawn” sort of way.

If you meet me in person, you won’t find much of a conversationalist. I’ll stumble on my thoughts as they transition to words – God forbid the conversation dies down because I won’t know where to steer it other than to mention how cold it’s been lately. Therefore, I write – because in writing I find my voice.

I write because it is a way for me to express my voice, but more importantly, it is the way in which I better understand my thoughts and how I process my feelings. I write to explore myself and the world. I am curious about a lot of things and the more I write, the more I understand, particularly about myself. I suppose, as I gain more insight about myself, I might branch outside of myself: into culture, life, and injustice.

Almost all my writing starts with a question. The rest of my stumbling thoughts come out, searching for the answer. Sometimes I get there, sometimes I only end up asking more questions. But the older I get, the more okay I am with having more questions than answers. At least I’m getting my thoughts on a page so I can better interpret them.”

If you want to follow along with his blog, you can do it here.